Xinyu Tobacco Project| Eastview tubular daylighting systems

October 14, 2019
In September 2019, Beijing Beijing Eastview New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Xinyu Tobacco Logistics Distribution Center.
In October 10, 2019, Eastview Tubular Daylighting System successfully landed Xinyu Tobacco.
Xinyu Tobacco Logistics Distribution Center is located in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province.
At the beginning of the cooperation, the Eastview designers used the factory drawings provided by Xinyu Tobacco and combined with the external environmental conditions of the factory to rationalize the design. A total of 112 sets of Oriental wind tunnel lighting systems were used.
Beijing Eastview New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.| Tubular Daylighting System
Beijing Eastview New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.| Tubular Daylighting System
Beijing Eastview founder Mr. Liu Zhidong visited the site and verified the results.
Beijing Eastview New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.| Tubular Daylighting System
During the project landing process, the two parties have gained more understanding of each other.
Xinyu Tobacco chose to use the Eastview Tubular Daylighting System, mainly for the following considerations:
No.1 Light pipe lighting - safer
The tobacco logistics industry pays great attention to ‘fire safety.’ This is also the main advantage of new energy lighting. It directly uses solar lighting to avoid the hidden dangers of electric lighting that may cause short circuit and aging, which is suitable for the tobacco logistics industry.
No.2 Saving energy and saving money
It is not necessary to use solar energy to reduce the power consumption, thereby avoiding environmental pollution caused by power generation.
Moreover, the use of solar lighting, without electricity, also saves most of the electricity bill. Although it takes cost to install the light pipe, it can be recovered after 3-4 years.
Moreover, the average service life of the light pipe is 25 years, and the electricity cost saved for the remaining ten years is profit.
No.3 Easy to install
Eastview and Xinyu Tobacco can only have a set of advanced new energy lighting system from the signing of the agreement to the completion of the project in just 20 days.
No.4 Policy guidelines
The renovation of factory lighting and the use of new energy for lighting have actually responded to national policies. The society has also called for the implementation of ‘green buildings, and energy conservation and emission reduction have also been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
A small step in lighting renovation may be a big step in social progress.
No.5 Brand trust
In the market, there are many companies engaged in new energy lighting. The reason why Xinyu Tobacco Logistics chooses to cooperate with Eastview is to rely on the brand as one of the pioneers in the industry and the manufacturing process is mature. After 14 years of development, it still maintains a good reputation for zero complaints.
The above five aspects are actually aspects that many partners consider.
The model of the light pipe adopting system of Xinyu Tobacco is DS530, which belongs to the Eastview crystal diamonds series. It is a series of light guide tubes used in lighting. It is generally used in roofing and ground areas.
The materials used in the crystal concentrator are optical PC and PMMA materials, and the light transmittance is up to 90%. It is a material with good light transmittance in the same kind of products.