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 Tubular daylighting systems Tubular daylighting systems Tubular daylighting systems Tubular daylighting systems

Tubular Daylighting/Skylight System

Plate Series| Tubular daylighting systems

The SUNTUBE ® flat light collector  uses a double layer optical grade tempered and laminated glass as light collector surface. While guaranteeing a high light transmittance, it can also bear loads up to 40 tons. Flat-shaped light collection with increased waterproofing design greatly expands the scope of use of this system, and it saves space. They are widely used for basement parking, plaza, basement garage.

Mainly use where pedestrians and vehicles pass through, such as public squares and roads.


Plate Series

Plate Series01


Dome(light collector)

Performace: ultra white high-transmittance laminated glass with strong impact resistance, strong corrosion resistance, strong bearing capacity and anti-slip.

Item Parameters
1. Material Double layer optical grade tempered and laminated glass
2. Visible light transmittance ≧ 88%
3. UV transmittance ≤0.01%
4. Thickness ≧ 25mm
5. Bearing Capacity 62.5KN


The reflection ratio of  the tube is as high as 98%, it is highly reflective and has anti-corrosion characteristics. 

Item Parameters
1. Material Mirror Aluminium
2. Reflection ratio ≧  98%
3. Length 
Standard tube:610mm
Extension tube:1250mm
4. Thickness ≧ 0.4mm
5. Diameter φ350 φ530


The diffuser’s visible light transmittance is higher than 0.85. It distributes the nature light from tube evenly in the room. Full spectrum, no flicker, no glare, no radiation, high color rendering.

Item Parameters
1. Visible light transmittance ≧ 85%
2. Thickness 2mm

Different locations can be customized with different diffusers, or even customized square-shaped diffusers.


  • Prismatic Diffuser
    Prismatic Diffuser

    The unique physical structure facilitates the secondary distribution of light, the light diffuse uniformly, no glare and bright.

  • 2.BEF Diffuser
    BEF Diffuser

    It has a clear outline, bright light and strong consistency.

  • 3.Fresnel Diffuser
    Fresnel Diffuser

    Array type Fresnel lens group, with strong stereoscopic effect, bright.

    No need electricity ,save cost
    Easy to install
    Long life-span up to 25 years
    No maintainance
    Natural lighting,health life
    Thermal insulation, dustproof
    Meets the needs of green building

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    Railway Station
    Metro Station
    Medicine Factory
    Underground Garage

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